Social Media

The Snapshot of SnapChat for Small Businesses

What social media platform is relatively new, has a yellow, ghost-shaped logo, and has virtually every teen and twenty-something in selfie overload? You guessed it. SnapChat!  Bursting onto the scene, this app has emerged in popularity among the ranks of its established competitors like Facebook and


Tips to Stay Current in Social Media

You finally have the hang of the newest social media site, then BOOM! In the blink of a Snapchat, something changes. Can you relate? Welcome to the ever changing world of social media! With the internet booming and social media bec oming the No. 1 advertising


How Digital Changes Media Relations

It is no surprise that our dependence on digital media has revolutionized the way we connect with people. And, though many public relations fundamentals will always remain, many things have changed when it comes to interactions with media. Reporters’ jobs have changed dramatically and as a