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instagram for business


Seeking ways to boost your company’s social media engagement? If you haven’t sought beyond the reach of Facebook and Twitter, you are missing out on a potential expansion opportunity. Instagram is a key platform to attract users through visual messaging and sharing. Not only is


5 Marketing Strategies for the New Year

January is swiftly approaching, and now is the time when businesses and ministries alike have the opportunity to start fresh with their marketing plans. Facing the goals of a new year can be overwhelming, so here are five key areas to consider for crafting an


8 Digital Marketing Ideas for 2015

The holidays are nearly upon us, and soon the fallen leaves and jingling bells will be followed by another sign of year’s end: Marketing articles for 2015. Since “Get Ready for Next Year” season now runs from September thru February, and “What We’re Doing Wrong”


5 Tips For Managing Big Facebook Campaigns

When you run a small Facebook campaign, things are simple, variables are few, and measurement is easy.  But as you scale up, there are layers of complexity that are invariably added to the mix. Some people would recommend just setting up a small campaign and


Business Apps from The Beatles

The Fab Four arrived in America 50 years ago this Fall. So let’s take a couple of minutes to list some business, productivity and/or travel applications that The Beatles may have inspired with their biggest hits. Hundreds of millions can't imagine life without their music,