The Shortest Distance Between Two Points

I learned in Geometry class that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. But when it comes to ministry or business the shortest, quickest, or most effective way to reach a goal is often a bit more elusive. Many organizations have wasted considerable


Night Shift at the Idea Factory

Creativity, I’m convinced, is a blue-collar job. I think this way because my grandfather worked in steel most of his adult life. He was a brilliant man and a keen observer of human behavior. He had an astounding work ethic and knew how to inspire his


Knowledge is Power…and Influence!

In today’s culture we are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of opinions and insights bombarding us from multiple media channels. So, you might ask yourself why you should add your voice to the already crowded marketplace with another thought… The answer is because YOUR INSIGHT IS


A Friendly Pair of Eyes

Several years ago, we were working with a church that was going through a number of internal changes. The two objectives of our engagement were to help develop a strong infrastructure for growth and to optimize the potential of the ministry team through leadership training. After


How to Have a Productive Day

Have you ever had one of those days that’s just a blur? My wife normally asks how my day was when I get home, but sometimes she’ll be a little more specific and ask, “What did you do today?” I will pause, think really hard,


Interns Have a Great Return on Your Investment

People have conflicting thoughts when hiring interns. Interns can fill gaps that are in an organization, however they need mentoring, real work experience, and time to complete tasks. Investing in an intern pays big dividends in the immediate and future years, especially if the intern you


6 Practical Skills Learned From Mom

Mother’s Day is upon us!  For some of us it’s a time to celebrate the moms we have, for others it’s a time to reflect on past memories.   Most people have been influenced by their mothers in one way or another.    In honor of Mother’s


Criticize Without Being Hated

Do you, or does anyone you know, like criticism?

If you are shaking your head or saying, “No, I don’t like it,” then you are in the majority.

Now ask yourself, have you ever criticized anyone about anything?