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Context is Key To Mobile Marketing Management

Managing Your Mobile Devices

Many of us are accepting of change; others maybe not so much. However, I have always considered myself to be one of those people willing and ready to change whenever the occasions in my life deemed it would be necessary. Even in the past few months, I can vividly remember speaking about change, learning to embrace it, its imminence, and the consequences of not being ready for it. Yet there are always those things that take us a bit more time to catch up on. There are some things that we just do not learn to fully embrace instantaneously. For me, I am talking about the changes in mobile technology. Jumping on board the mobile bandwagon took me quite some time to catch on to at first.


A Brand Is Like A Cup Of Coffee

Cup of Coffee

I love coffee. I’ve loved coffee ever since I was a kid. I started drinking coffee when I was in grade school and after all these years – I still love coffee. In fact, I’m a coffee fanatic!  My experience with branding dates back almost as far and I’ve come to learn that they have more than a few things in common.


The Dirty Little Secret About Branding

I have a secret to share with you … branding always happens!

It doesn’t matter whether you think about, whether you care about it, whether you work at it or not; your organization – your business – your ministry is being branded every day.