Author: Mendy Nestor

Speechwriting Tips To Wow The Crowd!

Listed among people’s greatest fears is public speaking. You stand in front of a crowd, exposed and vulnerable - all eyes are on you. The spotlights, though sometimes hot and blinding, offer a little comfort because they shield you from potential yawns or glazed-over eyes.


Four Public Relations Trends For 2019

‘Tis the season to watch for upcoming trends in 2019 — and public relations is no different, as changes in the media industry continue to transform dramatically. Because of cuts in newsrooms, those of us fighting for space and air time are forced to reevaluate

Public Relations

What Makes PR On Christian Media So Different?

Christian media changes lives. It gives people hope. And it gives us direction in our everyday walk. But that is not the only thing that makes Christian media so different from secular media outlets. The reach and power of Christian media is gaining strength every day.


Choosing the Right Agency for Public Relations

Public Relations is an important consideration for every non-profit organization. Using an agency for PR can provide additional insights and opportunities to raise awareness, increase engagement, and establish your brand in the hearts and minds of your people. Boutique and specialty agencies have seen their share


Knowledge is Power…and Influence!

In today’s culture we are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of opinions and insights bombarding us from multiple media channels. So, you might ask yourself why you should add your voice to the already crowded marketplace with another thought… The answer is because YOUR INSIGHT IS


Find Your Own Yard Sign

We’ve all seen it, the yard sign. They are most often used for political campaigns, the local pizzeria, and sometimes to tell people to slow down as they drive through a neighborhood. They can be overwhelming, or maybe we don’t even slow down to take