Author: Vida Velasco

The Difference Between a Giver and a Donor

After a major disaster hit a large city, one of the emergency relief organizations, which was on the ground immediately, received a flood of donations to help those in crisis. The number of gifts was of an unprecedented magnitude, forcing the organization to scramble to


Bringing Your Ideas To Life!

We all have our own ideas when it comes to creating a visual representation of who we are.  I am often asked to take pictures of people because they know that I tend to capture the kind of image they are hoping to post.  Especially


Bringing Donors Back to Life: Engaging Lapsed Donors

One inevitable truth about donors is that they eventually stop giving.  You will have a certain percentage each year who fall into this category.  There are a number of reasons why this happens, including death, change of location, change of focus, disappointment with the organization,