Integrated Marketing

A Friendly Pair of Eyes

Several years ago, we were working with a church that was going through a number of internal changes. The two objectives of our engagement were to help develop a strong infrastructure for growth and to optimize the potential of the ministry team through leadership training. After


Are Your Media Partners “Facebook Certified?”

Digital advertising has taken its place in the media marketplace. Digital advertising is popular because it is affordable, measurable, and targetable. Facebook has become one of the largest players in the world when it comes to digital advertising. In fact, Facebook and Google combined


Globalization To Personalization

The term “technology” is a loaded term that implies a bit of a paradox.  The realm of cyberspace, for example, is a seemingly infinite, endless abyss of possibilities.  You could live multiple lifetimes and probably never see half of what technology has to offer; but

integrated marketing

What Is Integrated Marketing? A Layman’s Primer

In one sentence, Integrated Marketing is a strategic blend of using old media, new media, and non-traditional methods to communicate a coordinated message. Every one of those words is significant, but let me zero in on one key phrase: a coordinated message.  The subtly and the