Lead Nurturing

7 Tips to Boost Your Online Fundraising Results

The rise of online fundraising has opened up a lot of possibilities for nonprofits. It has become one of the most popular and effective ways for organizations to raise money! Here are some statistics and trends revealing why online fundraising is a “must-have” channel in a


3 Strategies for 3D Lead Nurturing

Turning a new email address into a brand advocate, donor, or customer requires more than just a few well-crafted emails.  That is a one dimensional approach. It takes connecting with people and opening up at least three relationship pathways, or different communications channels that people


Is Your Lead Nurturing 3 Dimensional?

When most people think of lead nurturing they think of an automated email series sent to every new email address.  And while that is a good tactic, it is a one dimensional way of approaching nurturing.  Real nurturing involves building interest, awareness, and relationship, and