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Public Relations

Public Relations has the ability to fundamentally shift how your organization is perceived. Let people know about your unique qualities through Earned, Paid, Owned, and Shared media. Whenever you have something worth talking about, public relations invites the world to be part of the conversation.

Often overlooked and underappreciated by non-profit organizations, public relations is one of the most powerful ways to communicate your brand, build brand affinity, generate significant goodwill and even boost donor acquisition. Through proven strategies, effective communication, and pivotal media relationships, Infinity Concepts will help you deliver a message that resonates to your target audience.

Infinity Concepts develops public relations strategies that communicate the entire Brand Essence of your organization. We do not stuff inboxes with press releases that aren’t newsworthy. We take the time to uncover the compelling story and use a variety of methods to deliver that story to the widest possible audience.

We recommend a three-pronged approach to public relations:

  • Media Relations – Infinity Concepts will work with your team to develop a comprehensive media relations program that includes interviews, press releases, media placement, and targeted campaigns, as well as scanning and measurement.
  • Special Events – Expand awareness and increase engagement with your organization through participation in and/or sponsorships of special events.
  • Thought Leadership – Expand awareness of your products and services through earned media by securing interviews, writing content, and engaging social media on multiple levels.

This modern approach leverages all of your content and information assets to make your organization an important voice in the Christian community.

Infinity Concepts also provides public relations and media relations for Crisis Management.

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Public Relations



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